Meet Nobl Marketing & Sales - delivering tailored solutions for luxury and lifestyle brands

Nobl, an independent business development agency, was founded in 2017 by Stephanie Sadjak, Managing Director.

How Nobl Make a Difference

Stephanie and her team help luxury and lifestyle clients across the globe to grow their businesses by expanding their networks, and delivering targeted marketing and sales projects. A key focus is planning and managing events of all sizes from intimate luxury retreats to experiences for 1000 delegates, and for all purposes: networking, meetings, incentives, conferences and more.

Recent projects have been completed for clients in Europe (especially German-speaking countries), and Asia Pacific.

Business leader Stephanie is from Graz, Austria, in heart of Europe, and she studied Tourism Management in Vienna, in her home country, and in Chambéry, France. After a stint in hospitality, Stephanie moved into the beauty industry, as a brand manager for Coty Inc., one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world. Stephanie diligently managed a variety of beauty brands including Balenciaga, Davidoff, Jil Sander, Lancaster, and what’s more, was responsible for the relaunch of Roberto Cavalli fragrances in Austria.

After a move to London in 2013, Stephanie expanded her network across different industries in the UK, which inspired her to launch Nobl Marketing & Sales. At Nobl, Stephanie combines her passion for luxury and lifestyle brands with her unrivalled experience in tourism and travel.

Our Values


Transparency is one of our fundamental virtues, because we believe being honest and realistic about outcomes is crucial, whilst thriving for the very best results.


We are unstintingly energetic and enthusiastic, and remain passionate about the work we complete for you throughout.


We collaborate closely with you and work as a team to ensure we deliver to the highest quality.


We confidently lead teams and projects, in close collaboration with our clients, until the work is complete.

Why 'Nobl'?

It’s derived from the word noble, meaning excellent or admirable, and this is what we aspire to be every day for every client.

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