Doris Hangartner AG

NFT Gemstone Collection Launch

The Brief:

To create the first real gemstone NFT collection for Doris Hangartner and activate on OpenSea (an online marketplace). To promote the collection and brand through creative marketing and PR activities. To explain and open the world of NFT and OpenSea to those who are not yet aware of the benefits.

Doris Hangartner is a Graduate Gemologist and private jeweller in Zurich. In 2014 she founded Doris Hangartner AG, specialising in sourcing exquisite gems, finding your gem match and then building gem portfolios. Doris and her team approached us with the idea of creating the first real gemstone NFT collection. NFTs are digital assets that can be purchased, sold or traded. NFT means ‘non-fungible token’. Each one is ‘tokenised’ meaning each one is unique.

In fact NFTs are taking the world by storm and are disrupting the art world. Together with the company’s visionary founder, Doris Hangartner, Nobl helped to create the NFT collection, ‘Gem Personalities’. This idea was born from a wish to bring together various new worlds—new era gems combined with innovative imagery, presented as an NFT artwork. Owners may wish to use their NFT in social media, their own digital artworks or for special occasions.

Our Response:

Nobl established a Twitter account for this collection, and made a detailed social media plan for the existing Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Press releases and articles were created to raise brand awareness and engage meaningfully with luxury and lifestyle media.

Nobl is currently partnering with the NFT gallery in London to showcase Doris Hangartner’s first NFT collection. See more information about this project here.


Through our content and social strategy, we increased engagement on Twitter by 239% in the first 8 weeks and significantly increased understanding and discussion about gemstone collection NFTs.

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